HP Polity For All Himachal Govt Exam

 हिमाचल प्रदेश का प्रशासन एवं राजनीति

(Himachal Pradesh Polity)

Himachal Pradesh was became as a result of the integration of 26 Shimla Hill states and 4 Punjab Hill states into a Centrally Administered Area on April 15, 1948, with its headquarters in the historical building of the Foreign Office (destroyed by fire on May 5, 1957) at Shimla. The territory was headed by a Chief Commissioner and his Deputy. The first Chief Commissioner was Mr. N.C. Mehta and his Deputy was Mr. E. Penderal Moon. They belonged to the Indian Civil Service. On September 30, 1948, an Advisory Council was also formed to advise the Chief Commissioner in the discharge of administrative work. The Council consisted of three representatives of the rulers and six nominated representatives of the people. The function of the Council at was purely advisory and thus had no real power. The important matters were not brought before the Council at all and the decisions used to be taken by the Chief Commissioner on his own. Even if the Council was consulted, its recommendations were not implemented. The Chief Commissioner worked arbitrarily.

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